About Us

Once you’ve decided to do a powerboat course, it quickly becomes clear that there are quite a few options available.

So what makes us different? 

Boat owners
Firstly, we are all boat owners who use our boats all year round in all kinds of weather. That means we have real experience of leisure boat use and ownership together with a passion for getting out on the water. We can give you tips and advice based on lessons we have learnt first hand.

Well-maintained equipment
Secondly, our instructors own the boats we use for training. That means they are well equipped and looked after by people who care. As a result you gain experience on very capable craft ensuring you get the most from your course.


Experienced instructors
Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, is us. We are all experienced instructors and coaches who have gained our knowledge and skills from a range of backgrounds including the emergency services and the leisure-marine industry. Consequently, we’ve developed our teaching skills over time and fully recognise the importance of a calm and relaxed learning environment.

Finally, our surroundings are hard to beat. The classroom sessions are held in Premier Marina’s great facilities and the water-based work is carried out in Chichester Harbour and the eastern Solent, both areas of outstanding natural beauty, where there is always something to see and discover.


Cliff Sear

Principal & Chief Instructor